You are privileged to have access to Dr. Uzonna Echeta’s book which is a product of an extensive and well researched Ph.D work on diet from a biblical perspective. The book is a timely intervention on the issue of diet and health. It contains germane information for anyone who wishes to give serious thoughts to his health, general well- being and longevity. This book is peculiar for its emphasis on the efficacy of Bible based nutrition. It argues that since God is the one who creates the human body, He is in a better position to know the kind of food that suits the system. For this reason, God’s dietary guideline supersedes any dietary book/ material written for man.  The book starts with a glossary of terms explaining some terms that the reader may not be familiar with and this makes reading easy and comprehensible. The information contained in the book is unfolded in twenty chapters and 158 pages.
The exegetical study of the Old Testament dietary laws established that “herb” is equivalent to vegetables and fruits (Gen.1:29, Dan 1:11-16). Also, plant/ herbal diet is the best food option that guarantees optimum health for humanity. The book ex- rays some common Bible herbs like cucumbers, watermelon, onions, melon, aloe Vera, figs, grape and garlic. Nigerian fruits and vegetables analysed in the book are- cabbage, banana, pawpaw, lemon grass. Water which is presented in the book as food and medicine is indispensable to man’s health and sustenance.
Find out in this book the health benefits of eating God’s way and the demerits of eating the foods God warns us against with definite scientific proofs to support.

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