Juicing simply means a conversion of solid food into liquid form. Fresh juice preparation requires extraction of liquid from fruits and vegetables by separating chaff and liquid. Juicing can be done by blending, pounding, grinding, grating or extracting with juice extractor. The next step involves sieving the ground stuff to get pure liquid. There is no rigidity about the method of juicing. The important fact is that whichever process one uses, the main aim is to produce pure and fresh juice. There is no doubt that preparing juice takes time and effort but the benefits far outweigh the troubles and therefore the exercise of make fresh home juices is worth the while. Juice makes assimilation very easy and produces quick action. Juicing of vegetables enables you to get as much nutrients as possible and reduces loss of nutrients through digestion.  

There are numerous other benefits of juicing to health which will be communicated in my next book soon to be published. 


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