Have you ever considered the fact that some of the foods you eat do not have live (live giving substance ) in them/. Nutritionists have this slogan “ýou are what you eat.” Perhaps  you spend so much money on your feeding and even go to big eating places, order expensive packs of foods and snacks but how much live do those dishes contain? What you get in the food you eat is not determined by the cost or quantity but the quality of nutrient in the food.

The big question is, what is live food?

‘Live foods’ are foods consumed fresh, raw/ or in a condition as close as possible to their original, vibrant, living state so says Steven Lang. Eating living food is the single most important thing you can do to improve and preserve your health. Live foods retain the enzymes, vitamins , antioxidants and minerals. If you cherish your life and health cultivate the habit of eating foods that have life in them. These components are part of a diet of  raw and fresh  fruits and vegetables.

I read in the Bible that a young  man called Daniel was taken to exile in Babylon. He and three other Hebrew young men were kept in the king’s palace and given noble treatment.  This must be a big opportunity for these young guys. They were meant to eat special food- king’s delicacies and wine and they were also to be trained specially for three years ( that’s royal appointment and training) to help them develop excellently well for this distinguished and befitting service to the king. That was a big opportunity isn’t it?

 Daniel, however, entreated them to serve him and the other guys on vegetables and water for a trial period of ten days. Daniel acted in a funny way and probably made a bad deal, but demonstrated faithful commitment to His God. Alas! At the completion of the ten days (trial period), these young men appeared superfluously nice- looking and healthy. They were better nourished outwardly and intellectually sound than the rest who dined at the king’s table.

Read this story in Daniel 1:11-17 and if you believe it do likewise. Feed your body more on plant food, fresh vegetables, and live on water as food than animal food and all other artificial stuff. Remember, if you know these things, happy are you if you do them.


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