Hi, I'm Uzonna Echeta, I am a highly motivated and passionate woman, a wife and mother of three children. I strongly believe in self-discipline and hard work. I hold Doctoral and Masters Degrees in Religion (Old Testament) from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

I began my lecturing career in 2005 at the Department of Religion, University of Nigeria, Nsukka where I researched broadly into the Old Testament, and more specifically into God's dietary laws and how it imparted the well-being and health of the biblical Israelites. My interest in nutrition and diet piqued when my husband became chronically ill in 2012, and orthodox medicines failed to provide any significant regression or cure for the disease, neither did the physicians have convincing answers. I was compelled to take a break from my job, and we fully resorted to dieting as his sole hope. The improvements he recorded over time astounded us, and truly defied medical explanations. By late 2014, it was evident to me and anyone who was close to our family that this dieting really works. Since then, I have never looked back, and my conviction that our diet is very central and essential to our state of health has never wavered.  My desire for greater insight and understanding of the role of non pharmacologic or non drug therapies in the management of diseases led me to undergo training and become a certified Health Minister with Hallelujah Acres by the end of 2014.  

I have authored more than ten publications and articles in journals, and also published a book, "Dietary Laws and their Health Benefits: An Old Testament Based Study of Diet". My goal is to reach ailing individuals suffering debilitating diseases, and indeed the world at large, with my message on nutrition and diet as a key to the improvement of their health. I have organized and delivered seminars, demonstration workshops and teachings to groups of sometimes well over three hundred participants. I have spoken in Diocesan gatherings- Women Diocesan Conference, Nnewi,  Diocesan Brigade retreat in Nsukka and University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I have been to Crowther Graduate Theological Seminary, Abeokuta and Trinity College Umuahia spreading the message. I have delivered lectures in many Anglican church programmes both in Lagos and the Eastern part of Nigeria. My services are not restricted to the Anglican Communion but extend to as many organizations and educational institutions that are willing to hear this message.

I am a registered wholesaler of some tested and proven nutritional supplements and nutraceuticals, which are invaluable in the supportive management of many chronic illnesses. I am also available for private sessions and counseling for as many as are interested in pursuing healthy living. Many testimonies abound from disciplined adherents to these dieting recommendations. Some have recorded drastic, almost miraculous, breakthroughs, whereas others have had more gradual recovery stories. These challenging testimonies from Nigerians are fully documented in my next book that would be released soon.
If you want to have personalized counseling sessions, or have me deliver seminars or demonstration workshops at your group, church or organization meetings, or you simply have questions and enquiries, you are in the right place. Welcome!

Contact me via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on my mobile +2348053083331; +2347036003492.

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